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Whittingham Designs offers a full range of architectural, interior design, site and urban planning services. We believe that design is essentially a tangible translation of each client's personality. Our holistic approach to design bring together all the required disciplines which result in an efficient, well-coordinated project.


In addition to architectural design that we offer to our extensive list of clients, we also provide a wide range of interior design services that include space planning, as well as furniture and accessory procument, fabrication and installation.


Core Services

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design and Consultation

  • Interior Installation

  • Space Planning

  • Interior and Exterior Staging

  • Feasibility Studies for Undeveloped Land

  • Construction Evaluations

  • Peer Review

  • Code Compliance Review

  • Owner Representation 

Additional Services

  • Independent Construction Deficiency and Quality Inspection

  • Local Art Sourcing, Procurement, and Installation

  • Furniture and Accessories Installation

  • Drapery Fabrication and Installation


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